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Start receiving your money in 8 hours today!

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As a business owner, cash flow is key. Your business needs access to funds to pay bills, meet payroll demands, and have liquid set aside for any unexpected expenses. Day-to-day operations are stressful enough, let us take away the headache of the 24-72 hour holding of deposits that large financial institutions profit from. Merchant Financial Services offers Express Merchant Funding at no charge to their merchants, allowing your business to accept credit cards until 11pm EST, with the deposit posted and available in your account by 5am PST the following morning. Stop waiting for your money, get the merchant services account that pays you faster. Make the switch to Merchant Financial Services and discover the Next Day Funding difference.


  • Convert sales to account revenue in record time

  • Use your merchant bank account to meet obligations

  • Gain the flexibility to manage the ups and downs of operating a business

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