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Turn tomorrow’s credit card sales into cash today! No collateral needed, good credit or bad credit, we can get you approved and funded in 72 hours or less.


Today’s national banks and large public lenders are not lending money to small businesses the way they used to. The downturn in the economy has created fear and instability for even the largest of investors. Most small business loans involve many hurdles and excessive approval rates, aside from high fixed monthly payments and heavy restrictions on the use of funds. Getting a small business loan has become difficult at best, as banks have simply become risk-averse. Large lending institutions are approving less than 1/5 of all requests from small business owners.


Whether you need $10,000 or $500,000, Merchant Financial Services has the resources to help get your business back on track. Your business will benefit from easy repayment with a small percentage of your daily credit card sales or a fixed daily, weekly, or monthly repayment amount.


Our easy one page application and fast approval process enables business owners of any size to qualify for a business loan or merchant cash advance.


How can I use the money from a

Merchant Cash Advance


Merchant Cash Advances & Business Loans can be used for any business related expenses including but not limited to: 



Assets: equipment, inventory, vendor repayments, technology, vehicle upgrades

On-Going Operations: payroll, labor, training, development / research

Business Management: low months / seasonal downturn, mergers, growth and expansion opportunities, acquisitions

>> Give us a call, day or night, and we’ll be there to lend a hand <<



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