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The advancements of Point of Sales systems over the last decade have revolutioned the payment industry, changing the way merchants conduct and control business with their customers. Merchants can now process transactions more quickly and efficiently, manage inventory and supplies with the touch of a button, and more easily retain and communicate with customers after the sale is complete. With the various POS options in the market today, the merchant can now control how and where they want to conduct sales transactions: over the phone, at the counter, on the road, or in the palm of your hand as your line during lunch hour is growing.


Whichever features may be important to you,Merchant Financial Services has the resources and technology to get your business placed with an efficient and affordable solution to establish or expand your point of sales presence. Get in touch with us to get started today. 

POS System Benefits:
  • Analysis: manage inventory, flag items for reorder, and analyze sales patterns.
  • Mobility: take the counter to your customers during peak hours.
  • Customer Tracking: know & understand your customers shopping habits, and accept returns and exchanges with ease. 
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